Getuyg is a company that consults in data analysis and data driven decision-making. Getuyg can consult on all parts of the process, data storage (both software and hardware), data curation and adaptation, data mining, data visualization, data modeling, and data driven decision making. Getuyg works both with open and closed source solutions. In technical jargon, the company has an expertise working with random forests, deep learning, dimensionality reduction, multi-objective optimization, text mining, and GPU computing. The name Getuyg is an old Dutch term used to indicate ‘a miner’s tools’. As there are many similarities in data analysis and traditional mining (even found in the term ‘data mining’) this seemed appropriate.

Gerard JP van Westen, PhD

Getuyg’s founder, Gerard JP van Westen holds a PhD in cheminformatics and has a proven track record in data mining with over 10 years of experience. In his academic career he has published over 30 peer-reviewed papers, but more importantly, he has worked in a corporate environment (Janssen, pharmaceutical companies of Johnson & Johnson) and with corporate partners (Unilever, Syngenta, Merck, Bayer, and a number of start-up companies). He can quickly master new concepts, is a team player, and is a strong communicator. more information? click here.


If you have an interest in making use of Getuyg’s services, please contact me via email on info (at) Alternatively, use the form in the contact section.

Selection of Publications

Novel data based methods in drug discovery (review): Proteochemometric modeling as a tool to design selective compounds and for extrapolating to novel targets, GJP van Westen, JK Wegner, AP IJzerman, HWT van Vlijmen, A Bender, MedChemComm 2 (1), 16-30

Data mining based personalized medicine for HIV patients (data mining): Significantly improved HIV inhibitor efficacy prediction employing proteochemometric models generated from antivirogram data, GJP van Westen, A Hendriks, JK Wegner, AP IJzerman, HWT van Vlijmen, et al, PLoS Comput Biol 9 (2), e1002899

Data based detection and prediction of Alzheimer’s disease (image analysis): Random Forest ensembles for detection and prediction of Alzheimer's disease with a good between-cohort robustness, AV Lebedev, E Westman, GJP Van Westen, MG Kramberger, et al, NeuroImage: Clinical 6, 115-125

Automatic classification of papers based on their abstracts (text mining): A document classifier for medicinal chemistry publications trained on the ChEMBL corpus, G Papadatos, GJP van Westen, S Croset, R Santos, S Trubian, et al, Journal of cheminformatics 6 (1), 40

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